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53% of scientists in Cuba are Women
Author:   Alina M. Lotti |
14 June 2018 15:06:52

Gissel Saldívar, a 19 year old chemical technician, supervises work at the Immunoassay Center's Biosensors plant in Havana.
Photo: Irene Pérez/ Cubadebate.
Some 86,426 individuals work in Cuba’s science sector, 53% of whom are women, according to the President of the Cuban Academy of Sciences (ACC) Dr. Luis C. Velázquez Pérez speaking during the First International Science and Education Congress taking place in the Havana International Conference Center.

The Cuban expert described this achievement as one of the sector’s strengths, highlighting the importance of science, technology and innovation (CTI) toward overcoming the country’s challenges and promoting development.

In this sense, he explained that the CTI system includes some 15,993 PhD holders (355 with a combined degree); 25,000 university professors; 6,839 researchers; 30 specialty universities and thousands of technicians.

Among national priorities for the sector he mentioned food production for both animals and humans; the development of renewable energy; adaptation to climate change; and the computerization of Cuban society. Velázquez Pérez also highlighted the sustainable use of natural resources, Cuban society, economy and international relations; urban and provincial planning; biotechnology; pharmaceutical production; and research within the fields of exact and natural sciences; as well as nanotechnology.
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