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Dear Friends from the Solidarity with Cuba Movement:
Year 60 of the Revolution
Tuesday, 20 November 2018
Once again our country has been subjected to a shoddy campaign to discredit it, using as pretext the Ministry of Public Health’s sovereign decision of discontinuing Cuba’s participation in the Program More Doctors for Brazil in response to the threats and lack of respect from the elected President of that country, Jair Bolsonaro, who has repeatedly stated that will modify the Terms and Conditions of the Program, disregarding the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and ignoring what this body had agreed with Cuba; since he has put in doubt the qualification of our doctors and has conditioned their permanence in the program to a process of validation of their titles and established that contracts will only be signed on an individual basis.

With absolute barefacedness, Bolsonaro, the extreme right in Brazil and the Miami mafia have lambasted the triangular arrangements PAHO-Brazil-Cuba based on the fallacy that the Cuban government steals the revenues of the medical doctors and do not allow the presence of their families in Brazil, going as far as questioning the dignity, professionalism and self-sacrifice spirit of the Cuban collaborators that over and over again had served in difficult and perilous spots where Brazilian and foreign doctors would not go to work; facing up potential risks and dangers for their noble calling of saving lives.

President Bolsonaro is very well aware that, even under the uncertain circumstances of the legislative and judiciary coup d'état that took place against elected President Dilma Rousseff, Cuba delivered on its pledge on condition only that the guarantees offered to the doctors by the local authorities were maintained.

Under the current circumstances in Brazil, following Bolsonaro’s electoral victory and considering the presence of our medical staff is at risk, we have decided to withdraw our collaborators. Cuba, guided by humanistic principles which rank the human being over economic considerations or of any other kind, was forced to take the decision of protecting both, physically and morally its professionals. This determination has been understood and supported by the majority of friends worldwide, making it more explicit though messages and statements posted on social networking websites.

The Cuban Institute for Friendship the Peoples (ICAP), on behalf of the government and the people of Cuba thank the accompaniment of each and every friend who has supported and still continue to provide moral, political or material support to our medical doctors in whatever scenario these might be facing. Likewise, we very much appreciate the expressions of solidarity and understanding, but above all the respect of the right for self-determination and sovereignty of our country.

Our medical personnel will soon start returning to our homeland with pride for having fulfilled their duty, with their heads high, spotless, and with the conviction of returning to fulfill another mission in any other brotherly country be needed.

We are sure that the farewell activities, in each of the Brazilian states in which they were welcomed as distinguished guests will surely be even more emotional that all those big events to received them.

Furthermore, it is our conviction that the deep bonds of fellowship and solidarity that have been cemented between our two nations shall never be broken.

All that remains now is to reassure each and every one of you our commitment to keep human dignity well on high, holding strong to our truth without giving in to any of our principles. We know it won’t be an easy task, but we are counting with your support, eternal friends; those of many struggles who have also shared countless victories. Know that we will not let you down!!!!

With revolutionary greetings,

Cuban Institute for Friendship the Peoples

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