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TRIBUTE - Brother Rossini Francois
Saturday, 05 January 2019
Edgar Rossini François, affectionately called "Brother Rossini", was a dear friend and founder Member of our Association, The HUMANISTIC SOLIDARITY ASSOCIATION (SAINT LUCIA - CUBA). Along with other founding Members of the HSA, Bro Rossini traversed the length and breadth of Saint Lucia to garner support for the formation of the Association.

The HSA is a solidarity association with the people of Cuba, essentially aimed at strengthening ties between the citizens of Saint Lucia and the citizens of Cuba.

When the Association was formally launched on Sunday 28th August 2005, Bro. Rossini became the first Public Relations Director. He was also elected Chairperson of our Association’s COMMITTEE IN DEFENCE OF THE CUBAN FIVE. He wrote many letters and articles sensitising people to the Cuban Five and calling for their release through local, regional and International media. Rossini was a tireless crusader for the release of the Cuban Five from the American prison system, and President Fidel Castro and the government of Cuba were aware of his relentless mobilisation.

Bro Rossini visited Cuba on two occasions. On the first occasion he benefited from specialised Cuban medical care under the Mission Milagro Project in 2004. Thousands of Saint Lucians have benefited under this project, which provides opthalmological care on a gratis basis. Then in 2008 he was a Member of the HSA Excursion Group to Cuba.

With the final release of the Cuban Five by the American government, Bro Rossini's contributions to that historic achievement were officially recognized by the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) on behalf of the people and the Government of Cuba. During an official function held at the Cuban Embassy in 2015, he was awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Government and People of Cuba.

On his dying bed, Comrade Rossini was still promising that he would return soon to continue performing his duties with the Association. He contributed to the work of the Humanistic Solidarity Association in all areas, and we will never forget his contributions. 

Farewell my brother Rossini, until we meet again. May his soul Rest in Peace.

HSA (Saint Lucia - Cuba)
5th January 2019

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