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AMISTUR: Nobility and friendship in 23 revolutionary years
Friday, 18 January 2019
Fernando González Llort gives Amistur recognition to Joanka Rodríguez Núñez, general manager
By: Iliana García Giraldino Photos: Orlando Perera (Always with Cuba)

The workers of the travel agency AMISTUR CUBA on their 23rd anniversary enthusiastically affirm that they have plenty of reasons to celebrate the work they have carried out to sow solidarity and show the world the achievements of the Revolution, sure to achieve better results in each new stage.

Fernando González Llort,    Joanka Rodríguez Núñez & Yania Marrero
The promotion of fraternity and love among the peoples and the knowledge of Cuban society is the fundamental meaning of this specialized tourism agency that is part of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) system, as indicated on Friday its president, Fernando González Llort.

In the event of celebration of the anniversary was recalled the official start of AMISTUR, on January 19, 1996, on the initiative of the unforgettable Sergio Corrieri (1939-2008), outstanding personality of the national culture that was in charge of ICAP leaving its mark on the work of solidarity with Cuba and international dissemination of the resistance of its people and its truth.

In the difficult years of the 90s - of economic contraction in Cuba - AMISTUR emerged, overcoming challenges and obstacles, with total dedication to the revolutionary cause and inestimable contributions to the defense of the nation's sovereignty and the economy.

That exemplary history has been continued since then, cultivating sincere friendship - its slogan is Bridge from People to People - and projecting the staff superior economic goals, in the quality of services, attention to visitors and in all orders.

Fernando expressed that 2018 was a difficult and complex year, despite the AMISTUR workers achieved what was planned, and he pointed out: after these 23 years of intense work, with that joy and commitment that characterizes you, we must propose higher goals based on the individual effort and the cohesive collective.
The president of ICAP highlighted that the 60th anniversary of the revolutionary triumph and the 23rd anniversary of AMISTUR are celebrated, "which responsibility is to show what the Revolution has achieved for Cubans and for the world, with the certainty that their collective will work together to overcome the challenges of 2019 and fully comply with the tasks entrusted to us ".
The young Yania Marrero, union leader, said that the anniversary of AMISTUR is celebrated in a transcendent political and social context, alluding to the constitutional referendum of February 24, "in which we will resolutely vote" Yes "for the new Magna Carta and the continuity of our socialist process”.

She congratulated the AMISTUR workers "for all their effort, perseverance, and values and for turning every task that seemed difficult and impossible into beautiful reality", and recalled the words of the historical leader of the Revolution, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro: Thanks to there is a feeling that is called love to the country, we are strong.

Joanka Rodríguez Núñez, general manager of AMISTUR, led the meeting at the organization's headquarters in El Vedado from Havana; She thanked the Revolution for the existence of AMISTUR as part of its great work in the nation; she congratulated the workers and in particular conveyed a warm message to one of the members of the collective, Caridad Ponce González, who for years gave her energies to the center.

The nobility, firmness of principles and revolutionary vocation latent in the celebration were symbolized in a beautiful poem written by Teresita Capote, a 75-years-old mother of one of the workers of AMISTUR, Rocío Petrova, who recited the verses entitled A song of victory, who travel - for the present and the future - the life of a woman of the people and her feelings on January 1, 1959:

It was the First of January
I was a sad girl
That without knowing the ristre
skirted the gorge.

Without a mother I had grown up
Hunger took her
And although dad tucked me up
I missed her heartbeat.

Outside a lot of joy
The crowds shouted
Some wondered
What was going on?

The cruel Batista had fled
With his pockets full
Leaving 20 thousand dead
And a shadowed country.

He could not stand the riot
From an invasion to the West
Of a Fidel in the East
Of an unbeaten Che in Santa Clara.

See the harpy stepmother
Hate the Revolution
It was the best conviction
That something noble was happening.

I escaped from that hell
A very cold morning
Something inside warned me
That the winter was over.

I saw the light on the road
I heard the rattle sing
My prisoner heart
Became the owner of Turquino.

It was the song of the hummingbird
It was a victory finale
A celebration of history
That the Mambí begin.

But then it started
An endless combat
Against the abominable Yankee
That roaring threatened.

Despite the lies
Of the cruel aggressions
Of the vile invasions
Cuba remained upright.

Today shines with a thousand colors
Today serves the world of example
Becoming that temple
Where pain is healed.

A new anniversary arrives
The crowd is proud
Of that victorious feat
That does not fear the adversary.

That claimed Freedom
For those Cuban Five
Those brave brothers
Examples of dignity !!!!

Martí, from his esplanade
Observe, take pride
Fidel, as a guide grows
Before the Author of the Moncada.

Trump, new plans will gestate
But he will have to file them
Because never, there will never be
In our glorious history,
In this great feat
A sultry Zanjón
Because the Revolution
It has been, is and will be

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