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Cuba Hosts International Latin American Journalism Forum
Wednesday, 23 January 2019
The International Latin American Journalism Forum recalls the 60th anniversary of Operation Truth that was a meeting of 400 foreign journalists in Havana when the Revolution was 20 days old, so that they could have first-hand information about the trials of criminals of war from the overthrown dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, amid lies about that process.
Prensa Latina, Always Attached to the Truth, Says Cuban Intellectual
Cuban intellectual, Abel Prieto, today highlighted the work of the Prensa Latina news agency in spreading the truth by participating in an international event about the challenges of journalism.
Amid the fake news circulating to create opinion streams and isolate progressive leaders and government in the social networks, Prensa Latina is always with its attachment to the strictest truth, said Prieto in statements to this agency.

Prieto, who is also deputy to the National Assembly of Popular Power, recalled that Prensa Latina emerged at a time of relentless media harassment against the young Cuban Revolution of January 1, 1959, and has so far accompanied that process led by Fidel Castro (1926-2016).

This wave of infamy and calumnies has not stopped for 60 years, and this Latin American agency has been a reference with a network of very professional stewards, he added at the Hotel Nacional, the forum's headquarters.

Verily, Prensa Latina is an agency in which people trust. It has a great prestige and was a dream of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, and the Argentine journalist Jorge Ricardo Masetti, he said.
International Forum Remembers Journalist and Revolutionary Masetti
Participants in an international forum hosted by Prensa Latina remembered Monday the Argentine journalist and revolutionary Jorge Ricardo Masetti, one of this news agency''s founders.

Now more than ever, the concept developed by Masetti is still valid: 'We are objective, but not impartial. We consider to be impartial, between good and evil, to be cowardly’, said his grandson Santiago Masetti on the opening of the event hosted by the National Hotel of Cuba to debate the current challenges of journalism.
Speaking at the forum dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Operation Truth and the Prensa Latina foundation, also six decades ago, the social communicator defended the legacy of militant journalism left by his grandfather, amidst a situation in which media manipulation and fake news have become political tools.

Unfortunately, lies manufactured by Washington-based media monopolies against popular governments such as Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia or Nicaragua are still in force, and in what way, just to mention these cases in Latin America, because otherwise the list would be much longer, he warned.

According to Masetti, historical distortions, lies or destabilizing operations now include new tools or platforms used to achieve information colonization, which is confronted and defeated with audacity and originality.

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