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Statements of Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Venezuela
Wednesday, 20 February 2019
Alejandro Simancas Marin
Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in Saint Lucia
Cuba Appeals to Joint Efforts to Avert Aggression on Venezuela
Havana, Feb 19 (Prensa Latina) Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez has appealed to the international community to make joint efforts to avert a US military aggression on Venezuela.

At a meeting at the Foreign Ministry with 108 ambassadors and chiefs of diplomatic missions, Rodriguez made the call on behalf of the Cuban Government to act in defense of peace.

The Minister insisted on the importance that governments, parliaments, political forces, social, people movements, national and international organizations and ONGs publicly express their stance against the use of military force.

He made the call at times when Washington seems to be resolved in creating conditions for a military intervention in Venezuela, using as a pretext an alleged humanitarian crisis and the need to palliate it, as spearheads.

Later on, Bruno Rodriguez rebuffed Donald Trump's speech in Miami in which the US President threatened to do away with Socialism in the world and threatened to attack Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba.

The Minister wrote in Twitter Trump's address was aggressive and offensive.

For Rodriguez, defense of peace admits no nuances. 'One can be in favor or against a foreign military intervention. It is to choose between defense of the right to life or human losses, violence, bloodshed.'

These days, thousands of Cubans are signing a declaration at working centers, study and communities as part of an international campaign demanding the US: 'Hands Off Venezuela.'

Cuba's Future is Decided on the Island, says Foreign Minister
Havana, Feb 19 (Prensa Latina) Cuba''s foreign minister, Bruno Rodriguez, said here Tuesday that the future of the island will not be decided by any foreign power and its people will defend the socialist revolution built on the noses of the United States.

The future of Cuba is decided here, he warned in statements to national and foreign journalists, a day after U.S. President Donald Trump announced in Florida the supposed proximity of the end of socialism in the hemisphere.

Before accepting questions from the media present at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rodriguez affirmed that Cuba is proud of its history, with successes in the last 60 years such as the defeat in 1959 of a dictatorship supported by the United States and the setback of the mercenary invasion promoted from Washington in April 1961.

He also recalled that the island showed its strength during the October Crisis, in 1962, and in its response to the State terrorism of which it was a victim for decades, with a toll of almost 3,500 dead and more than 2,000 wounded.

We reiterate to President Trump that our loyalty to Fidel Castro and Raul Castro will remain unchanged, and that the continuity of the revolution is permanent and irreversible,' he said. According to Rodriguez, Cuba will maintain the unity of its people around the Communist Party and on February 24 will give another example of this with the support of the new Constitution of the Republic, in the referendum to which more than eight million people are summoned.

That day we will also give a response to President Trump, he said, in a context marked by the escalation in the anti-Cuban rhetoric of the current administration in the White House. At the press conference, the diplomat ratified the complaint of U.S. preparations for a military intervention against Venezuela, using as a spearhead an alleged humanitarian crisis and the need to send the South American country 'aid' to alleviate it.

According to Rodriguez, Washington's current pressure on the international community is reminiscent of a libretto previously used in other parts of the world with severe consequences.

Therefore, he called on the international community to act over political differences in defense of peace and to avoid with collective effort a military intervention against Venezuela, and stressed the solidarity of the island with the Bolivarian Revolution and the constitutional president, Nicolas Maduro.

U.S. Continues Preparations to Attack Venezuela, Denounces Cuba
Havana, Feb 19 (Prensa Latina) The U.S. government is continuing preparations for a military intervention against Venezuela, denounced Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez here on Tuesday.

In a press conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the diplomat said that as the government of the island warned in its statement of February 13, there are military transport flights to other countries from U.S. facilities where special operations forces and marine infantry are located.

According to Rodriguez, these are troops used for covert actions, which include political figures among their targets.

These movements are carried out with the absolute ignorance of the governments concerned in total disrespect for them and for international law, he pointed out.

The Foreign Minister of Cuba reminded national and foreign journalists that the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Raul Castro, and the Cuban president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, have warned in recent months about the consequences of a possible new war adventure by Washington for the economy, society, and peace.

Rodriguez said that Cuba calls on the international community to act over the political differences in defense of peace and to avoid with collective effort, a military intervention against Venezuela.

He also ratified Cuba's solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution, the constitutional president Nicolas Maduro and the civil-military union of the people of the South American country.

Venezuela will never be alone
Author: Eduardo Palomares Calderó
Author: Ángel Freddy Pérez Cabrera
february 19, 2019 10:02:20

The history of U.S. wars shows with great eloquence that the use of force is the modus operandi of this country’s rulers. There is nothing new in the script now being used, except for the names of figures involved. Once again the pretext of humanitarian aid is fabricated to justify an intervention.

“Respect the peace,” “No coup, no intervention,” “Defend the people’s right to choose their own path,” are just some of the phrases repeated these last few days in Cuba, in workplaces and schools, in agricultural cooperatives and community centers across the country, because Venezuela has committed a sin: standing on its own two feet with its head held high, resisting imperialist pretensions. Venezuelans have committed the sin of being free.

“It is inadmissible that the Yankee government is using the opposition to destroy the great conquests achieved by the Bolivarian Revolution,” Miriam Isaac Reginfo, a technician at Santiago de Cuba’s Architectural Construction Enterprise No. 57, told Granma.

She worked for three years in the sister country as an inspector for the housing mission, in the state of Miranda, and recalls the thousands of buildings she saw erected in the five municipalities she covered, all for needy families, including many who lost their homes in landslides.

“All of this is at risk now,” she said, along with programs devoted to education, sports, culture, science, food production, the environment and economic development - so hated by the U.S. government because they are no longer permitted to plunder the country’s riches as they once did.

"Therefore, as stated in the Revolutionary Government statement, which we have just supported with our signatures, we will do whatever is necessary. Today dignity and action are required, because just as Fidel said that after Girón, all the peoples of Latin America were a little more free, if the example of Venezuela is lost, that freedom will be endangered.

"We will never leave Venezuela alone," she emphasized, "and I think that the world will not abandon it to fate either, because the bloodbaths and the retreat of history, to which U.S. military interventions have always led, supported by a few puppet governments, cannot be the destiny of the children of Simón Bolívar.”

María Cristina Díaz Montalván, a shopkeeper in the Villa Clara neighborhood of Sabino Hernández, insisted that these are times in which unity is needed to preserve the sovereignty and independence of the sister nation.

Likewise, Elías René Pérez Molina and Florencio Altunaga López, delegates to the XXI Congress of the Cuban Workers Federation (CTC), condemned U.S. aggression, which is directed toward seizing Venezuela’s natural resources and putting an end to Latin American unity, they said.

“If they think we are going to sit idly, they are wrong,” said Digna Morales Molina, director of the Commerce and Gastronomy Enterprise in Villa Clara, and recalled José Martí's phrase: "Give me a way to serve Venezuela: she has in me a son," an idea repeated today by millions of Cubans and honest citizens of the world, who know very well what it would mean for this nation to lose its independence.

President Donald Trump delivered an offensive speech in Miami, reiterating the threat of military aggression against Venezuela.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez said it is time to take a stand, beyond political differences, in defense of peace, and emphasized that the humanitarian aid issue is being used as a pretext to launch a war for oil.

Trump has violated Venezuela’s sovereignty, by recognizing a puppet president invented in Washington, the minister tweeted.

Rodriguez noted that Trump has added McCarthyism to the Monroe Doctrine and has reiterated that all options are open. “The danger of military aggression is real. The history of Our America has demonstrated this.”

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