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Venezuela denounces to the world crimes against humanity after economic blockade
Monday, 25 March 2019
Saint Lucia, March 25, 2019 - Since March 2015, the Government of the United States of America has issued six executive decrees that penalize and punish the economic activities of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, focusing on financial aspects and oil companies, de facto establishing a blockade on the Venezuelan economy.

The freezing of CITGO assets in the US, impositions of fines, penalties and various administrative measures to raise the cost of transactions, refusal of transnational pharmaceutical companies to take away drugs acquired by Venezuela, blocking of shipment and confiscation of food shipments by part of hostile governments, are only some actions applied to the finances of the Nation, which has brought with it the loss of 23.238 MM $ only in the period of August 2017 / December 2018.

The economic and financial blockade against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is an act that violates Public International Law, the Charter of the United Nations, Humanitarian Law and the principles that govern the conduct of States within the framework of the international system. considered a crime against humanity.

Only in the food sector, Venezuela stopped receiving 3 million 930 metric tons of food in 2016 and 6 million 150 thousand additional metric tons in 2017. Food availability in 2018 was 20% lower than in 2015. This reduction resulted in turn, a fall in the pattern of food consumption, affecting the value of kilocalories available during the last four years, reversing the relevant achievements in hunger reduction achieved in the previous decade.

With regard to the blockade of the health sector, it has been denying Venezuela access to raw materials, medicines, medical equipment in order to develop a crisis in health services. Within this perspective, the unilateral coercive measures have been: the blockade by the US bank Citibank of the funds destined to the import 300,000 doses of insulin, harming more than 450,000 patients, the blockade to the purchase of 2 million units of antimalarial treatment, blocking of financial transactions destined to the purchase of immuno-derivatives, among others.


In the year 1917 during the First World War was implemented through the "Law of Trade with the Enemy", the restriction and criminalization of any economic activity with country that were "in military conflict" with the US.

In practice, the punitive actions against Venezuela involve the application of the same interventionist scheme applied with special intensity against Cuba since 1962, Chile between 1970-73, Nicaragua since 1979, Iran and Iraq since the 1980s, against several countries in Africa. over several decades, and more recently against Syria, Libya and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, among other nations.

In the case of Venezuela, as the highest authorities in the United States have reaffirmed in various declarations, it is about denying them economic resources, disrupting their financial activities and preventing the free development of commercial activity, including access to the food, medicine and basic goods, to provoke a chaos of a humanitarian nature in Venezuela.


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